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Updated: Jan 14

Dear friends,

I hope 2023 was a meaningful year for you.

It certainly was impactful for me. 

During the pandemic, I had set the intention to keep the vibration of my personal and professional life HIGH. An important way to achieve that was through collaborative projects with individuals and organizations who were willing and ready to leave the old paradigm and work on building a new heart-based paradigm with me. I am excited to share that these new collaborations manifested beautifully in 2023! The new paradigm is established in the principles of joy, compassion, and connection.


Healing in Nature Hike. Photo by Jamal Edwards

My intention manifested this year through a beautiful partnership with Green Foothills, an environmental advocacy non-profit organization. I started working with them in 2022 on co-creating Healing in Nature. Healing in Nature achieved great success this year and is now a permanent program at Green Foothills. Healing in Nature (HIN) is an opportunity to connect deeply with protected nature preserves, Mother Earth, and the community that gathers on these curated healing hikes. This year, Healing in Nature was showcased at Green Foothills' annual fundraiser, Nature's Inspiration.

With Tiffany Hansen and Carole Louie

The highlight of the year was the incredible collaboration with Carole Louie and Tiffany Hansen for the 2023 Reincarnation Symposium on the West Coast. Carole is the founder-visionary of the symposium and we really enjoyed working as a team. This effort is a great example of heart-based partnerships that leave us feeling spiritually fulfilled and uplifted. I am excited to continue my collaboration with Carole and Tiffany in 2024. Work is already afoot on the 2024 Reincarnation Symposium!

The Reincarnation Symposium Team!

Additionally, I have loved collaborating with fellow healers and soul sisters and brothers on various projects this year. The energy of collaboration is phenomenal when we are on the same wavelength and have shared goals and intentions.

My deepest gratitude to all my healer friends who chose to collaborate with me this year. I plan to continue co-creating with them because none of us are meant to do any of this alone plus we have so much fun together!

Green Foothills HIN Team
Earth Healing with Sister Amari on HIN Hike


With my Teacher & Mentor Dr. Brian Weiss, Omega Institute, July 2023

Between all these wonderful events, I also added new skills to my tool box. I experienced and mastered profound processes and techniques, successfully completing these trainings to provide more well-rounded healing support:

  • The Blessings Course with John Osborne and Joan Goodrum

  • A second Past Life Regression Training with my mentor and teacher Dr. Brian Weiss 

  • Advanced Past Life Therapy and Spirit Releasement Training with Holly Holmes-Meredith

  • Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitator Training with Peter Smith

  • Trauma-Informed Facilitator Training with Trey Malicoat



We are now at a tipping point where many are looking for a way out from the insane and inhumane work culture which leaves little time for rest, respite, and joy. People are desiring change and looking for spaces where they can connect in a deeper way with themselves and others. It is also becoming apparent that many souls are here to assist as wayshowers, with shifts happening at a collective level. 

At Kinder Way Healing, I am preparing for these shifts through many new offerings in 2024. There will be more group sessions with regression guidance, meditations and healing support. Additionally, I will begin to offer the Quantum Consciousness Experience (QCE). I will continue collaborating with small and large organizations to help build a stress-free and wellness-focused work culture. Here is a wonderful testimonial from one of my favorite clients, Lisa Chmiola, Founder of Fablanthropy 

Please reach out if your organization could use support in establishing a stress-free work culture focused on self-care!



The entire month of January, avail of special discounts on all our Regression sessions and Oracle Cards Readings. You may purchase now and schedule a session with me anytime through the year. Your sessions are good for one year from the date of purchase.

To buy, simply email

  • BUY ONE REGRESSION SESSION, GET 2ND 50% OFF! This includes Past life, Present Life, Future Life sessions. You may buy any combination for yourself, or even gift one of the two sessions to a loved one. 

  • ALL BETWEEN LIVES SESSIONS ARE $100 OFF! These are profound sessions where I take you to the intermission between two lifetimes. Here you gain deeper insights into your journey as a soul, meet your guides and soul family.

  • ALL ORACLE CARD READINGS ARE 50% OFF! Receive channeled guidance and wisdom from the Oracle. These sessions provide support and direction when the mind is confused and uncertain.



I am now offering group sessions to keep you uplifted and assist you in gaining greater clarity. These sessions are open to everyone, regardless of experience. Please email to sign up for these upcoming sessions. These are small-sized groups and sessions are not recorded. Sign ups are going on now!

The Divine Feminine Collective- an intimate group of Divine feminine who gather for deep inner work. Group meets every 2nd Tuesday on Zoom.

Our next meeting: January 9, 2024 @ 11 am PDT

The Galactic Souls Gathering is for those who know or believe they are here from other star or planetary systems. We meet to discuss common issues as well as hone our mission on Earth. Group meets every 2nd Wednesday on Zoom.

Our next meeting: January 10, 2024 @ 4 pm PDT



Interview with Carole Louie in the Reincarnation Book Club.

Online on January 4, 2024 @ 4 pm PDT. Sign up here

2024 Reincarnation Symposium

Oct 26-27, 2024. Check out details here



I asked the Oracle for guidance for the new year. I used Kyle Gray's beautiful deck, Keepers of the Light.

Almost instantly the ascended master, Djwal Khul showed up. His message "Dharma Unfolding" couldn't be more perfect for 2024!

Excerpt from Kyle Gray's book,

"When Djwal Khul appears in a reading, he reminds you that your path is unfolding as it should. Take one step at a time and remember that your only spiritual function is to be happy. You are a powerful person with many lessons under your belt and a real capacity to share your wisdom with the world. Take the time to go over what you have learned recently, recognize the strengths it has brought you and acknowledge where you have been courageous."

Extended message also mentions that Djwal Khul is now helping lightworkers follow their dharma, which is a Sanskrit word meaning 'right way of living'.

Note that this card is a call for living your "Dharma" or Life Purpose more fully this year. The time for discovery of your purpose is NOW! And for those who are aware of their purpose, it is time to put it into ACTION!


With these messages and updates, I wish you a high-vibrational, heartwarming and deeply fulfilling 2024! I look forward to assisting you on your journey of self-discovery. May your path be filled with love and light.


Dr. Smita Garg, Ed.D., CHT

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"Working with Smita is like sitting with an old friend and having a hot cup of tea while celebrating the coming of a new morning. She soothes the air with her smile and calm voice and then she guides you to yourself. As a result of our session together, I feel that I can better trust my intuition and my innate knowing with quiet assurance and compassion. I highly recommend Kinder Way Healing Services." - Mariko

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