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Smita Garg, Ed. D., CHT
Kinder Way Healing
Founder and Principal Therapist

Hello! I am Dr. Smita Garg, founder, and principal therapist at Kinder Way Healing. 

I am a Soul Regression Hypnotherapist with a fine-tuned ability to travel with my clients to any lifetime, realm, or dimension they might access during a therapeutic session. With great sensitivity and intuition, I can see, sense, hear, and feel whatever my clients are experiencing. This allows me to do deep inner work with them and clear blocks that may have been preventing them from living their optimum life.


I am a Soul Activator who helps people figure out their unique gifts and soul purpose. During their sessions, my clients learn about their soul's true nature, intimately. They are activated to their unique gifts during these sessions. My clients often report a positive shift in their life afterward.

I am a meditation expert who has led group meditations around the world. My meditation sessions are based in my personal meditation style which has evolved over last 20 years. In 2021, I received an inner calling to add Earth Healing to my toolbox and now lead curated hikes to open space preserves and forest areas in partnership with the local environmental advocacy organization, Green Foothills. These hikes include fostering a deep connection with Mother Earth through healing modalities I have mastered over time. Meditating in nature among trees and mountains is a life-changing experience for many newcomers to these hikes.


I am a spiritual mentor to many, offering energetic-intuitive healing, oracle card readings, stress-reduction workshops for groups and organizations, guidance for twin flames and twin souls, and a lot more.

Since 2023, I have partnered with Reincarnation author, researcher and hypnotherapist, Carole Louie, as a co-creator of the Reincarnation Symposium started by her in 2020.



In my personal life, I am a proud and happy mother of two beautiful souls who guide me everyday to be a better person. I am a lifelong artist, a community activist, cofounder of an educational non-profit that supports over 8000 high school students, and an involved member of the local arts community. I love to travel around the world, connecting with artists and healers everywhere I go, and am always up for fun and adventure! 

Trainings and Certifications
Dr. Brian Weiss, Past Life Regression and Progression Therapy Training, Omega Institute
Dr. Linda Backman, Between Lives Soul Regression Training, The Ravenheart Center
Holly Holmes-Meredith, Advanced Past Life Regression Hypnosis and Spirit Releasement Training, HCH Institute
Peter Smith, Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitator Training, Institute of Quantum Consciousness


I include trauma-informed approaches in my therapeutic model.

Integrity and confidentiality are hallmarks of my therapy practice.

Co-creating with the Highest Vibrational Energies is the foundation of my work.

"At Kinder Way Healing, we care about our clients' wellbeing and provide them with appropriate guidance, knowledge, and tools so they may overcome their challenges, and move forward positively. We are here to help our clients achieve optimal wellness and mastery over their circumstances so they may live a joyful and successful life." —Dr. Smita Garg


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