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Dr. Smita Garg, Kinder Way Healing
founder and principal therapist

Hello! I am Dr. Smita Garg, founder, and a principal therapist at Kinder Way Healing. I was trained and certified by the world-renowned Dr. Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression and Progression therapies. I received further training with Dr. Linda Backman in Between Lives Soul Regression process. I am naturally gifted with deep intuitive and empathic abilities. A unique gift I have is the ability to travel with my clients to any lifetime or realm they are accessing. With great sensitivity and intuition, I can see, hear and feel whatever the clients are experiencing. This allows me to do deep work with them and clear blocks that may have been preventing them from living their optimum life.

I am also a meditation expert. I have practiced the Sahaj Samadhi Meditation for years and have continued to attend mediation intensives to deepen my practice. I lead meditation sessions for multiple groups around the world. Most recently, I finished the first season of my live-streamed show, Midday Medi-Veggie, with Chopsticks Alley, a local arts organization. The show ran for 40 weeks during the pandemic, providing a respite to many who joined from around the world every Wednesday.

Additionally, I provide spiritual mentoring, energetic-intuitive healing, land healing and oracle card readings. In my work, I connect to the highest Divine source energies. I also specialize in working with Twinsouls/Twinflames.

In a parallel life, I am a mother of two beautiful girls, an artist-educator, a lifelong community activist, and an involved member of San Jose's arts community.

"At Kinder Way Healing, we care about our clients' wellbeing and provide them with guidance, knowledge, and tools necessary so they may move forward positively. We are here to help our clients achieve optimal wellness and mastery over their circumstances so they may live a joyful and successful life." —Dr. Smita Garg


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