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Introducing Dr. Smita Garg, Founder, Kinder Way Healing
Kinder Way Healing

Introducing Dr. Smita Garg, Founder, Kinder Way Healing

Smita Garg, Ed. D., is the founder and principal therapist at Kinder Way Healing. She was trained and certified by the world-renowned Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Linda Backman in Past Life Regression, Progression, and Between Lives Soul Regression Therapies. Dr. Smita is naturally gifted with deep intuitive and empathic abilities. She also offers spiritual mentoring, energetic-intuitive healing, and oracle card readings. She works with the highest Divine source energies. During her soul regression sessions, Dr. Smita clears any blocks that may have been preventing clients from living their optimum life. In addition to regular soul regression therapies, Smita also offers special spiritual mentoring sessions to Twinsoul/Twin Flames. "At Kinder Way Healing, we care about our clients' well being and provide them with guidance, knowledge, and tools necessary so they may move forward positively. We are here to help our clients achieve optimal wellness and mastery over their circumstances so they may live a joyful and successful life" - Dr. Smita Garg Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Smita Garg, Ed. D., Past Life Regression Therapist/ Energy Healer For a session with us, please email or message on Facebook! FOLLOW, LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Youtube- Facebook- Instagram- Blog Spot: