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Announcing New Online Group Regression Opportunities!

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Calling all Divine Feminine and Galactic Souls for Collective Transformational Healing!

Email me at to sign up for either or both workshops! These will be offered on first come first serve basis. All sessions will be on zoom. Absolutely NO RECORDING will be allowed to protect the participants. Payment information will be emailed when you sign up for the sessions. Payment is due by the first weekend of the month. So email ASAP if you would like to join either or both sessions!


2023 Reincarnation Symposium Line-up

If you haven't signed up for the 2023 Reincarnation Symposium yet, don't worry because it isn't late yet and you can sign up at for some incredible, mind-bending presentations by scholars and researchers, and regression therapists from around the world! Check out the line up:

Register HERE for the symposium!


Schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Smita!

Would you like to schedule a one-on-one free consultation with me? Simply email me at or connect to me through one of my social media channels.

- Smita Garg, Ed. D., CHT, Soul Regression Therapist/ Energy Healer

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