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A Call For Peace!

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written on the day war began in Ukraine

Dear ones,

Every nation in the world spends millions accumulating weapons and building military might. But rarely does anyone spend time and energy building an army of peaceful warriors. A sister asked me this morning if we could do anything about the war that had begun in Ukraine. So I have been thinking all day how to organize a Peace Brigade- a group of peace-loving warriors, to send love and light across to Ukraine, which will also create an impact on the specific person (whose name I shall not take) inciting violence and war. I am a big believer in that our thoughts and intentions carry powerful energy.

In a conversation with a dear brother this afternoon, some ideas began to download. Then those ideas started to clarify and come together on a phone call later this evening with Mariko, who called me to discuss what we could do. A clear sign from Spirit to get our Peace Brigade going!

Everyone who believes in PEACE is welcome to join us in the following actions on a daily basis! Our true nature as souls is PEACE, and PEACE is always a choice available to us here on Earth. PEACE is also an action and a practice. We have the right to demand a peaceful world but we are also creators of that world. So here we go...

1. First, consider yourself to be a LOVE/PEACE WARRIOR, a member of a collective PEACE BRIGADE. Your job is to send love and light to all areas impacted by war and violence.

2. At 12 pm, no matter where in the world you are, take a moment's break and send peace and love to impacted areas, to all the people suffering from needless war and violence. If we all send waves of love and peace to impacted areas from wherever we are, we will create a powerful momentum and shift. It will only take a moment in our day for each one of us to do this. If you need a reminder, put an alarm on your phone or clock for 12pm. Today, go ahead and send the energy of peace no matter what time.

3. If comfortable, you may also send messages to that leader's guides nudging them to make him see the value in peaceful solutions and existence.

4. Keep doing this as a regular practice daily, like brushing your teeth. Visualize PEACE dawning everywhere. I do believe we will see a big shift in consciousness.

Please leave your name or a YES below to let me know you are joining me in creating this PEACE BRIGADE! I look forward to our collective and positive energy transmuting the negative in our world! Thank you for choosing to be born at this time for we are all being called to our purpose as changemakers!

Feel free to share this message with your cohorts. We want more PEACE LOVERS than WAR LOVERS in our world!

With love and peace,

Om Shanti

Dr. Smita


Photo: John Lennon Wall, Prague, Czech Republic

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