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Channeled Messages: The Divine Feminine Creates the Universe!

Shiva- Shakti, Artist Unknown

June 24, 2022. The feminine collective on earth, especially in USA experienced a grave attack on their freedom- freedom that were earned through sheer persistence after centuries of subjugation. I felt a deep pain within that wasn't mine alone, but that of millions around me, millions who came before me, and millions who've had to deal with toxic masculinity in human societies. I asked Source for answers and a direction, and here is what Source shared with me:

"The feminine aspect of me is at least half of me, if not more. The other half being masculine. And togther as one, I may even be seen as androgynous. My feminine aspect is also my creative aspect. Just like a mother will create a baby within her and give birth to it, similarly, my feminine aspect is the one that turns consciousness into matter- into planets and stars, and plants and animals, and humans and all beings that exist in the vast universe. It is the feminine that gives birth to ALL there is! Look at the variety and diversity of creation in this Universe- does it not blow your mind to see how I exist and express myself through my feminine side? While I know that consciousness is all pervading but without my feminine, my masculine aspect, i.e., unmanifest consciouness, will be meaningless and boring. Without my innate creative side, I will stagnate and cease to exist. And that cannot happen because constant creation is my very nature- I am the clay and the potter- both. The masculine is the clay and my feminine is the potter. Now, let us consider Earth and what is going on there...

The masculine on Earth, especially when in positions of power, has failed over and over again to understand how important it is to allow the feminine on earth her freedoms...

They don't get that it is when she is allowed to flow, being the source of creativity herself, can everything on earth flow beautifully. When stopped and contained by rules that take her freedoms away, blocks are created in cultures and societies, preventing them from growing or flourishing. They will become spiritually and economically bankrupt. Sooner or later they will stagnate and die. So each time the masculine tries to chain and contain the feminine, preventing her from moving with her innate Divine flow, he essentially chooses the path of self-destruction.

Do you see, therefore, how shortsighted and silly it is when the masculine on Earth tries to decide for the feminine what she can or cannot do? They don't get that the feminine will persist because the more one tries to contain her, the stronger she grows from within, for the simple reason that she understands better than any masculine, the essential nature of the entire universe, and her role in its creation. She knows that if she is stopped, nothing will move forward, in fact everything will die. Have you noticed how a river when passing though narrow gorges, assumes greater speed and power?

Humanity is always given a choice to act from a place of higher or lower vibration. I have placed within humanity the same creative essence that is part of me, but when they place restrictions on the feminine, they lose out on experiencing what may be their highest achievements and joy. They lose out on a world that can potentially be so much more beautiful and prosperous than what they are aware. Just look at this incredible Universe and know that it would not be possible without my innate feminine. So it is up to humans to create a world where there is greater equity in genders and gender roles. Not doing so will result in an inferior quality product. I couldn't say this any more clearly."

Source channeled by Dr. Smita

With love and prayers for greater peace and gender equity on Earth,

Om Shanti

Dr. Smita


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