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Does it seem as if we are suddenly living in surreal times? Things haven't felt so strange in a long time, have they?

Dear ones,

Does it seem as if we are suddenly living in surreal times? Things haven't felt so strange in a long time, have they? Many lightworkers and twinsouls, have lived in the world within themselves for a while. Even as our outer world remained a very static, 3-dimensional reality, we could take a break from it, and go into the world within. We could go back and forth between the inner and outer worlds without issues. It was easy to do the inner work, as long as the outer world remained unmoving...think walking on a steady, fixed ground.

However, what do you think happens when the outer world begins to shake, suddenly change and transform with an enormous speed? So now it is like trying to walk on a fast-moving surface. And it is throwing many off, and believe me, the world is changing forever. After the corona virus has done its thing and moved out of our collective systems, we would have moved to another reality and it will become impossible to live the crazy, inauthentic lives most in the human collective were living prior to the onslaught of this tiny but powerful microbe.

In November 2019, I started to hear very clearly from my guides that we were moving forward at a break-neck speed now, literally hurtling into the higher dimensions and that it would become virtually impossible to go back into 3rd dimensional reality. Many of us were feeling already that we could not go back to what was. I wrote about it in my blog published on Feb 2, 2020. Here's the link for that article

I saw some others also get that message and post it on their boards. But I doubt that anyone saw it coming this way and so fast. A night ago, a lightworker and twinsoul friend messaged me for some support. She was feeling fear around the corona virus and it was messing up her digestion. We spoke at length and our discussion moved to lightcodes and how lightworkers 'see' them and work with them. I shared with her an incident when two weeks ago, my guides put me through an excruciating process where I had to face my deepest fears and soon after, I was shown what my lightcodes were and how I 'install' them. A process much like replacing a fused light bulb which creates darkness, i.e. a low vibration, fear-based thought , being replaced by a fresh light bulb, i.e., a high vibration fear-free thought, that brings light. By the end of our conversation, she told me she was feeling much better and settled. Yesterday morning she messaged me to describe the amazing clarity she woke up with the night after our conversation. Here is what she said (reproducing with her permission),

"Last night as I started to go to sleep, my head started buzzing and vibrating and behind my closed eyes a dark olive green pattern of code appeared. Clover leaf shaped patterns. Then the buzzing stopped, the pattern faded and I went to sleep. I woke up at around 2 am, sweaty, my crown hurt. I got back in bed and put some shungite on my crown and the pain dissipated quickly. Back to sleep. I woke up starving. I was very busy last night:)! Then this morning I woke up with the most incredible clarity about the power of nature. This is what the code that was downloaded to me has to say: "a tiny mammal that can fit into the palm of your hand has brought the world to its knees and I was humbled and grateful for the bat, for I realized that without really knowing it, we are experiencing the power of God- and that that power is really everywhere and is so powerful that without even forcing its will upon us, put the fear of death into every human being through a tiny innocent bat. Mother Nature has had it with us and she has us backed into a corner lashing and lashing. It’s about time. I’m going to spend the rest of my day communing with my inner divinity and giving praise and thanks for the bat; for it was chosen to lead us into the a new world.” Some message huh?! It was the first clear message I’ve ever gotten that I recognized from downloaded codes! Of course I’ve had other downloads but never really was able to translate them. Very exciting times!!".

I reminded her of our conversation on lightcodes and told her that she contacted me when she was ready to face her fears and receive lightcodes to come to a deeper understanding of what was going on. And she replied, "Of course! What are the chances it wouldn’t be!! ❤️🙏🏻 thank you, Smita! Yes!!! And I needed another light worker to get me back on track!". Trust me, what she experienced after our conversation made both our day 😊.

Folks, this is how lightworkers work. We were made for these times. When darkness befalls our world, our souls get into gear and like warriors we rise and do our thing. We do what we have been sent to do. We do it with passion, love, and compassion for our beautiful world and all beings who inhabit this world. We choose to see the truth behind the veil. We move through the darkness, lighting up the way, purposefully choosing high vibrational thoughts and replacing all fear based thoughts with them.

So wake up dear ones! By choosing a high vibrational, positive thought each time fear comes our way, we can change the outcome of what we are experiencing. There are already some amazing changes happening. People are being forced to slow down and put their busy lives on the side, they are connecting more with friends and family, and most of all they are realizing how we are all interconnected. If we were hoping for a mass awakening, it is happening at this very moment.

Please also take good care of yourself. Follow the instructions and advice being given by the medical community who are putting their lives on the line to save rest of the world. Send them love and healing. They are the soldiers on the forefront fighting for everyone and being faced with some extremely hard decisions. Send them heartfelt blessings.

Personally, I thank all my lightworker friends, my Gurus, my guides and Divine itself, for 'installing' lightcodes in me so I may do what I came here to do. I deeply thank my twinsoul for activating me over and over to my own reality, giving me the courage to be who I am, and providing me continued strength to keep going in the face of adversity. And knowing that every adversity is nothing but an opportunity to install a fresh and new light bulb/code, gets me excited!

Last night I was nudged by my guides to record these two powerful Mantras for peace, protection and healing. Here is the link to my YouTube video. You may play this anywhere, anytime. Meditate with it, or just listen if any fear-based thoughts come your way. Be well dear ones! We were made for these times and the only way to get through, is without fear.

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