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MESSAGES FROM THE MASTERS: Expanded Reading for Lionsgate Portal 8/08/22 and Beyond

As the energies for Lionsgate ramped up, my guides nudged me to pull cards from the ASCENDED MASTERS deck by Kyle Gray exactly at 8:08 pm on 8/08/22. The messages that came through are truly from the highest source energy. These are important messages for now and for the time to come. PLEASE TAKE WHAT RESONATES.


GREEN TARA, the beautiful female Boddhisattva, is here to protect us. She is asking us to trust even though we may find it difficult to and the path forward seems very hard. How to cultivate trust? By being more present in the now, moving gently and living moment to moment, instead of worrying about a future that hasn't yet arrived. How we live our present, decides what comes in the future. If we choose to live fearlessly now, if we choose to trust our guides, that they will not misdirect us from our path, we can keep moving forward with assurance and confidence. So simply move forward one step at a time. Let life be a wonderful journey rather than a race where we miss the stations that might have beautiful offerings and gifts for us. Stop and smell the roses. Trust that we are protected. Always.

COMMANDER ASHTAR, is a powerful interplanetary leader who is helping Earth and humans move into the next dimension. Fear, doubt, guilt, are the type of emotions that have kept humans tied to lower densities and prevented them from feeling confident, from recognizing the inner connection to Divine that is naturally available to all beings. Every soul is connected to the Divine and carries within it an innate power. This power has nothing to do with ego or how humans have traditionally thought of power. This power implies having the courage to live an authentic life, one in which we walk our talk and aren't afraid to live our purpose. Knowing that we are protected so lovingly by Green Tara, can we let go of fears and begin to live our truth? This is what we need in order to grow spiritually and move to the next dimensions.Commander Ashtar is here to help release our fears and live our lives courageously.

MAHAVATAR BABAJI, is a beloved master to many, including me. I have had the great fortune of meeting him. He is 1000s of years old, an ageless Yogi, who is guiding many on their mission. Babaji is assisting the soul expansion and spiritual growth of many who are ready to take that leap. He is very active on the earth as well as other dimensions, tirelessly activating and guiding souls to their greater purpose. This card goes beautiful with the other two cards because it is only when we can trust in what is, and let go of fears, live authentically, is when we experience an expansion of our soul. Soul expansion is like finding a treasure, an encyclopedia of sorts, that opens our mind to the greater universe, expanding our vision. The recent photos taken by NASA's Webb Telescope, show us an incredible universe, one that promises life in other planetary and star systems. This is something we have found in our regressions as well. Clients travel to realms and star ships and describe them in great detail to us. These cards promise an incredible journey forward, one that asks us to let go of fear and take that leap of faith. Let go of fake, surface level lives and relationships and dig into deeper, more authentic connections to the self and others. All that we need to know, lies within.


Dr. Smita


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