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Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Most successful people just seem to know what to do!

They are able to access clarity and take quick decisions. They seem to have a compass deep within that shows them which direction to take.

Did you know that all of us could have access to the same kind of guidance?

Often just one Soul regression session is enough to establish that clear connection with your inner guidance or compass (or your Guides as they say). Your guides can take you into lessons from your past, and give you directions for your present and future. In addition, the combined strength and intentionality of a group regression can be powerful.

NOTE: If you identify as a Twinflame, you can establish a deeper connection with your partner Twin whether they are Earthside or on the other side.

So learn to connect with your guides easily and comfortably!

Sign up for my group regression today by clicking the registration button below.

I look forward to meeting you over Zoom on Wednesday, Aug 7, 4pm PDT/ 7pm ET!

Event Fee: $20.00

Dr. Smita, Ed.D., CHT

With love and blessings,


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