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READY, SET, RELEASE! By Dr. Smita Garg

I rarely do energy reports. However, these are unprecedented times. I talked about this in my last two videos posted on facebook a few weeks ago- we are experiencing deep energetic shifts. These are deeper than anything we have experienced last year. (links to videos below)

Last week, I went into another silence-meditation retreat, my 3rd one in a year. I used to do only one every two years. However, at this time, I have found these retreats are helping me process the energetic shifts better. They deepen my intuition, help me tune into universal energies and receive clear messages from my guides, my higher self and Source energy.

There are definite shifts ascension-wise and those who are able to snap out of the duality based matrix of 3-D earth, will begin to notice definite signs, and big changes. We are living in a matrix built on polarity and duality- to every thought and belief and experience, there is an equal and opposite belief and experience. The world on the earth plane, 3-D matrix- is based in contrasts. Someone from angelic or Interplanetary realm can really struggle with the extent of polarity and contrast that exists here. How we navigate this, is up to each one of us. Many of our lessons lie in the space between the polarities and many lessons are about learning to navigate the polarities and arriving at a space that is comfortable for us. Being energetically sensitive can really help one measure what resonates and does not for them.

In May this year I took another break near the ocean. I spent time sitting next to the ocean and crying buckets of tears out. As I did so, I felt a great release of all past life traumas, and painful events of this life, leave my system. I often talk about how lightworkers, twinflames and twinsouls release past life traumas for the collective. None of the inner work ever goes waste as our energetic presence can and does change the world around us. The more we let go, the more we raise the energy of our world. This is happening in a big way now.

Many will feel nausea, stomach, GI, gut related issues, UTIs, all lower chakras’ issues (Muladhara, Swadhisthana, and Manipura). Some folks will also feel throat chakra issues as we are being asked to speak our truth and move into greater authenticity. There is a tiredness around fake relationships, busy work that we tend to fill our day with...and a desire to move into a more creative and fresh space. Isn't it incredible to finally have the green light to let go of the old and give yourself a fresh start?

Many folks I am in touch with, are confirming this. There is a greater nudge and support from ancestors to let go of the old because they want to see us move forward and not get stuck. Each full moon now is more intense, nudging us to release the old and move forward empty, so space is created for fresh and new. ‘Release and rest, release some more and rest some more’ is the mantra for these times!

Take a deep breath and let go!


Dr. Smita

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© Dr. Smita Garg, July 28, 2021


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