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We are being propelled in the higher, 5th dimensional reality and hence our bodies are also changing at the minutest, DNA levels to adjust to the energetic changes happening.

My sweet soul sister Amari reminded me this afternoon that Summer Solstice of 2020 has begun officially! And if you are empathic and sensitive like me, you will notice that the energies have been off the charts for past few days. Many are also reporting various kinds of body aches and other physical symptoms.

Fact is that our world is changing energetically at a rapid speed. We are being propelled in the higher, 5th dimensional reality and hence our bodies are also changing at the minutest, DNA levels to adjust to the energetic changes happening.

These internal changes are also showing up in the outer chaos we are experiencing. All the lower vibrational stuff that has been lingering on for centuries: the decimation of indigenous population, the horrific practice of slave trade, the unrest and trauma created by religious fanaticism and colonialists around the world, has contributed to the rotting roots of 3rd dimensional human existence. It has left so many seeped in incredible amounts of pain and trauma and karmic cycles filled with more pain and trauma. Human ego has also wiped out other species of plants and animals, and damaged so much of the earth’s climate, putting everyone’s existence in peril.

During this pandemic, mother Earth has been able to regenerate some of her lost glory, the ozone hole is smaller than it has been in a while, and we are all being rewarded with beautiful birdsongs and skies on a daily basis. But underneath this serene picture, battles are raging, emotions are simmering. These battles are not without reason. They are a sign of what happens when we bury deep pain and trauma and humanity’s wrongs without acknowledging them, healing them, and addressing the real cause behind them. It takes some special souls like George Floyd to become powerful catalysts and push us in the direction of self-scrutiny and a deeper healing.

What does all this have to do with moving into the next dimension, you may ask.

It has everything to do with it. We cannot move into the next stage of our spiritual advancement as a collective, especially if we are trying to go forward on a foundation of inequity, unresolved trauma, and anger. And that is exactly where we are, as we enter the cusp of the two dimensions. On the one hand we are witnessing a great number of awakened beings ready to step into the 5th dimension, while on the other hand we are experiencing all this unresolved material from 3rd dimensional reality surfacing and keeping us from moving forward. We are being asked to clean our house completely with all loose ends tied. Lightworkers stationed around the world on the earth grid, are now feeling the intensity of their work go up. Many of my own friends have reported that they are experiencing a depth in their work that they have not felt in the past years.

The 5th dimensional reality promises a world based on universal, unconditional love. The vision of New Earth that I was shown in my QHHT sessions (3 of them), showed a pacific civilization based on principles of sustainable living, deep compassion, and equity for all beings. As we move forth, all conditions that keep humanity’s vibration stuck in lower energies, are going to be phased out. But until we get to that point, things may remain somewhat chaotic and as lightworkers and spiritual practitioners, we will need to keep anchoring the higher vibrations for the collective.

Here is the guidance from my guides on how to manage a high vibration currently:

  • We must all do our bit to serve with love and help usher in the change we want to see in our world. We can choose to serve in whatever area works best with our skills and energy.

  • Keep ourselves in high vibration by staying away from drama, pettiness, and by letting go of grudges. This is a good time to work out all those unresolved emotions and release them.

  • Keep our spiritual practices going on a regular basis to keep us replenished even as we anchor the higher-level vibrations based in love for all beings. I try to do my ‘Sadhana’ every day. Very recently, I have started chanting too. It helps clear my mind and come to a place of equanimity.

  • Recognize when the chaos and drama is becoming too much, set boundaries, take a break, replenish, and go back to the job at hand.

  • Stay connected to our guides and soul family with who we can find love, care, and encouragement. (Zoom calls or even meetings in person with a mask and 6ft of distance is working out for me).

  • Send blessings to Mother Earth and all her beings every day. Taking a cue from my dear soul sister Amari, I do this daily at 12 pm.

  • Hold the highest outcome for all of us, in our thoughts, so together we may manifest it. Our thoughts hold a lot of energy and power.

  • Listen to music, do some art, some yoga or walking and ‘follow our bliss’!

Special message for twinsouls: The time to anchor Divine Love is here. You are asked to move deeper into the vibration of unconditional love. Forgive whatever happened in the past and move forward feeling your Divine Union within.

These are some of the most important directions given to me by my guides who nudged me to share here. Wishing everyone a wonderful time on the roller coaster we are on. Hold tight and enjoy the ride!!

With love and blessings,

— Smita

For questions, post below or message me at

© Dr. Smita Garg, June 20, 2020


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