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ORACLE CARD MESSAGES FOR 2022! You know you have a strong theme emerging when no matter which deck you pull cards from, the messages are pretty consistent!

CORE MESSAGE RECEIVED: The core message received for the year 2022 is “Clean up your home if you want to move forward with true joy and freedom. See yourself as the source of all that has manifested in your life whether good or bad, and begin to understand what you are capable of manifesting with a clear and positive intention, you are creator of your own destiny.”

The home here implies your inner being. This inner being is conditioned to hold on to ‘stuff’ that blocks forward movement. This ‘stuff’ is made up of all the hurts, grudges and anger we have held on to over time, even lifetimes. This ‘stuff’ does not allow us to keep our hearts open to receive the fresh and new. So open up those closed windows for good air flow. Let out all the stale and stagnant energy. Let it leave your mind-body complex. Allow for Chi or Prana to flow within with ease.

THE OLD & THE NEW PARADIGMS: In the old paradigm it was the norm to hold and act on a grudge. It was okay and in fact, considered an act of bravery to react by going to war with people who believed a different truth from ours. It was acceptable to cut a person out from one’s life without forgiveness. What folks did not see was that holding a grudge or anger against another being, blocked the flow of essential life force in their own body. These blocks, unless released, got passed onto family lineage, sometimes showing up as dis-ease much like unhealed trauma. Eventually unresolved hurts and anger create issues for our own well being, and affect those we love.

In the new paradigm, one forgives knowing that it is human to falter, to have a lapse of judgement, and that layers of lessons are embedded in such encounters. In fact, each triggering event is an opportunity to open our hearts more and accept the other. And each person who triggers us, throws light on a part of us that needs more love and healing. This does not mean that one should stay in abusive and toxic situations, for many times these situations occur to test our ability to walk out on them. But forgiveness means releasing the hold of another on our mind and inner being. It means letting them go and allowing them to walk their karmic path. It means detaching our karma from theirs in a healthy way and taking that freed up time to do something good for ourselves.

The new way also asks more from us- it asks us to go within and take a good look at our shadows. Usually in the past we have looked outside of us to put the blame on another for our pain. In the new world we go within to see where our pain and reactions are emanating from. What are those hurts and wounds which aren’t opening up to light and healing. This inner reflection is key in order to move from the old to new. Most folks avoid the inner reflection because it isn’t easy to look within at one’s shadows and accept them with love. But our light can only be understood in contrast to our darkness.

Quite incredibly, the cards pulled show the strong feminine energy that is emerging from the shadows and throwing light on our darkness, forcing us to face our shadow selves. The messages couldn’t be more clear! In order to move forward, do the inner work. Clean up your own home, your yard, your cobwebs, face your shadows, forgive and let go. The path to complete freedom and joy is the path of forgiveness and letting go.


The messages from Keepers of the Light deck come from Goddess Quan Yin, Faith and The Myriam. All three talk about essentially the same things: have we forgiven ourselves and others? Can we love ourselves and others despite perceived shortcomings? Can we see the light in all? Know that love has no boundaries, love does not judge or hold others guilty. Do not also hang on to your own guilt. Let go. Release. Be empty.

The message from the Native Spirit deck is the “Peace Pipe”. This is a clear message to release anger, to forgive and embrace others by sharing a peace pipe with them. While embodied on Mother earth, we share her with each other. It is an opportunity to love and share, not divide and conquer as we have done in the past. Overlook and let go of human failings- our own, as well as others’. All our souls are pristine beings of light. Sharing a Peace Pipe is the invitation to meet in one-ness, in unity consciousness.

The message from the Universal Love deck is “Forgiveness” and once again Goddess Quan Yin appears to remind us to forgive and let go of any anger or old grudges. They only hold us back, imprisoning us in our own minds. Releasing anger for others, frees us from the mind’s constructs, and allows our spirit to flow and shine.

Finally, the card from the Goddess Guidance deck is Aphrodite or Venus. The Goddess of beauty reminds us of our own inner beauty. She guides us to release old hurts and grudges. As we forgive others, we come face to face with our inner beauty. She also reminds us to nurture and nourish our own soul, our inner Divine feminine, the Goddess that resides within us all.

With these messages my hope is that you will appreciate your own gifts, your divinity and take good care of your heart, mind and soul this year.

Please share your takeaways from these powerful messages illuminating collective release of the old and stale, and the birthing of a new, strong feminine energy!

A BLESSED 2022 TO ALL! Namaste Dr. Smita

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