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Walking the Soul’s Path

About Souls, Twinsouls, Ascension, and Divine Love

From a very young age, I have wondered who I was and wanted to understand my purpose on earth. Growing up, on the outside I followed a path typical of a woman in my circumstances; my life and inner world, however, were anything but typical. It took me years to pay attention to my soul’s call and once I heard it, it was loud and clear. A huge part of this journey of self-awareness and my subsequent work as a Past Life Regression therapist has been about understanding and knowing my soul-self more deeply. I love learning about souls, the behind-the-scenes work we're all doing, and our connection to the universe, and each other. And if knowing about your soul is something you are called to do, then read on…

What is a Soul? There are many ideas floating around about what a soul is. Horror movies or stories about people bumping into ghosts come to mind. But we are all souls that come on earth from different realms in the Universe. All souls are energetic in nature, but their energy and vibration depend first, on the realm they call home and, second, the soul growth they have experienced. We arrive on earth in the human body which acts as the home or vehicle of our soul. Simply put, the soul is the immortal, ageless part of us. It is the same part that senses and is intuitive. It is the presence of ‘life’ in a body. The body may age and decline and finally die. Soul, however, being pure energy, can transform or take another form after the body dies. This is also known as reincarnation. Being pure energy, a soul is also gender-less. This energy carries both masculine and feminine aspects, much like the positive and negative charges of a battery. When a soul inhabits a body, it gives the ‘being’ a character, an essence. In simple words, souls are a bit like fruit- even though there are many kinds, but each comes with its own identity and flavor. Souls that choose greater challenges, experience greater soul growth and vibrate at a higher frequency. It is important to understand that soul growth is not a race in the human sense. It is not about how far ahead or behind someone is. It is all about where one is at on his or her specific path. Where do souls come from? Every soul has a home base within the vast universe. Regression therapists have found that it is possible to find out a soul’s home base through a deep regression process such as the Between Lives Soul Regression process (Dr Linda Backman) or Life Between Lives process (Dr Michael Newton). Dr Linda Backman, BLSR therapist, has found that at this time, there are more advanced souls on earth than ever before. And although they are here in greater numbers, this number still amounts to only about 4-5% of total souls on earth. These souls are here to assist earth in her ascension process. These advanced souls are primarily from three different realms of the universe. Most are Earth-based (EB) souls that have chosen to reincarnate primarily on earth for last 50,000 years or so; second type are Interplanetary souls (IP), or souls that are from other planets, solar systems, or galaxies and are arriving in greater numbers on earth to help with ascension; and third and the smallest percentage of the group of advanced souls, is of souls from the Angelic or Devic realm (AR). AR souls come from an entirely different dimension and are very advanced. All souls have guides who are spiritually much more advanced than the souls under their care. EB and IP souls often have several guides, and a panel of wise beings and ascended masters overseeing their spiritual journey. Angelic realm souls have very few guides and report directly to source energy or what we call God. During the BLSR process, a person can meet their specific guides and panel of wise ones and ask them for guidance related to their spiritual path and growth. It is essential to note that there exists a great variety within each type of soul, whether EB, IP or AR. It is also true that a much greater percentage of ‘soular energy’ stays in the ‘home realm’ while a smaller percentage is sent in incarnated form/s. What are Soul Families? Souls have families known as soul pods. One tends to get along fairly easily with those from their pod or neighboring pods. The connection with them goes deep, with souls often incarnating together in several lifetimes to help each other with soul growth. However, it is possible for close soul family members to also create challenging situations, thus giving a soul an opportunity to grow faster by facing adversities and overcoming them. In any case, soul family always assists in an individual’s spiritual growth. Advanced souls choose to live more challenging lives than others. The challenges and major events are all planned in great detail before a soul incarnates on earth or elsewhere. Many advanced souls on earth are engaged in social or environmental work or have chosen to be born with difficult circumstances. While some have chosen a life with physical deformities and/or mental or emotional difficulties, others are frequently diagnosed with auto-immune diseases and/or conditions such as ADHD or Autism. Still others may have chosen relationship difficulties or are working towards clearing ancestral karma. One of the ways souls choose a challenging life is to come on earth in multiple bodies. By living parallel lives, a soul accrues vaster experience and achieves greater spiritual growth. Many are not even aware of the existence of their other forms concurrently present on earth or elsewhere. The goal of a soul that chooses to incarnate in multiple bodies may be purely self-growth and/or to help earth or another planet in multiple ways. How do Twinsouls differ from other souls? Twinsouls differ from other souls in multiple bodies in that they can split into two for the specific task to help with the ascension process, by anchoring the Unconditional Divine Love paradigm (Dr Smita Garg). Unconditional divine love basically means loving without conditions or co-dependencies historically prevalent in human cultures. It comes closest to the love of God source for all its creations. At this time, deep compassion and pure love are desperately needed on earth in order to dismantle the older, stale relationship models which have failed and created a deep energetic disharmony. This was not what was intended when earth was created. Different kinds of people and species were placed on earth by the creator to see if they could overcome surface-level differences and live lovingly and compassionately with each other. Unfortunately, this great experiment hasn’t really worked out very well. Fake conditional love, religious and cultural divide, racism and bigotry prevalent on the earth plane today, haven’t helped with the ascension process of earth and souls on earth. The energy of money and ego-based attitudes rule over the energy of love. Old relationship and family structures, which have existed for centuries, are primarily responsible for the dire straits humanity finds itself in at this time. Twinsouls are here to change these structures at the fundamental level by reminding humanity what is most important for its survival: Unconditional Love. Due to this reason, twinsouls almost always take birth in challenging families or choose difficult relationship models so they can help clear templates that come intrinsically woven with those situations. And because this is a difficult time for ascension of earth and all life forms, these advanced souls are taking birth in greater numbers on earth at this time. What is Ascension all about? What is ascension and why do we need it? All spiritual beings must grow in order to keep the universe moving and growing. This universe is a dynamic energetic space, bursting with potentiality. For the universe to continue to exist, it must continue to create and transform, or it will stagnate and die. As it transforms, it also grows, becoming more and more powerful and more aware of its potentiality. Greater awareness leads to greater growth and vice versa. Every being in the universe, big or small, carries the same potentiality of greater growth that the big universe does. Think of this as every drop of water, no matter how small, carrying all the properties of water within it. There is a point when a being becomes aware or ‘conscious’ of this potentiality within itself. This point is a pivotal moment in its spiritual growth. Consciousness is present in every bit of the universe. All souls carry it. Ascension is essentially the process of beings coming into greater awareness of their relationship with the universe and growing from it, moving to the next grade level at school. As all beings ascend, they help the earth and the universe grow and vibrate higher. The earth we live on is also an energetic body. It is powerful enough that its condition affects the balance within our solar system and galaxy. If the earth goes off its orbit even slightly, it will not just spell doom for entire existence on it, but also disturb the delicate balance within the solar system and consequently, the galaxy and the big universe we are a part of. The relationship between all elements of the universe is mutually beneficial and interdependent. What is the role of Unconditional Divine Love in all this? I think of love as the ‘creative’ element of the universe. Without this creative element, there can be no growth. When two humans who love each other deeply, make love, the process produces more love and both beings experience greater heart expansion and oneness. Humans are gifted sexual energy as one of the primary ways to create and experience love. This energy is infused with the highest creative force, assuming it is free of the lower vibratory aspects such as sex without love, or forced sex, or rape. Sex is how souls on earth pave the way to bring more souls on earth and expand humanity. Unfortunately, humans have misused sex for short term release or to express and experience power and control over others. But sex is only one of the infinite ways in which the universe creates and expands itself, which is possible only with the creative energy of pure divine love. The universe knows and understands that without love, it would cease to exist. To create with the highest vibration, love must be without ego and conditions. With ego and conditions, love ceases to be love. It becomes something else. One may call it attraction, attachment, greed, a need to possess, control, etc. All ego-based tendencies create blocks to love rather than allow it to flow. Unconditional Divine Love is the enduring love energy that moves souls to a higher vibration and in the process moves the universe to a higher vibration as well. Twinsouls are here to help earth ascend by breaking down all ego-based templates that have blocked the natural flow of this universal love energy in earthly realms. Therefore, they are from such varied backgrounds, different age groups, communities and religions: to bring forth the message that love is most vital to humanity and earth’s survival. Do Twinsouls always come together physically? First, this is an area that we are only beginning to learn more deeply about, no one really knows the exact truth. There is much disagreement on this. Second, if one is a twinsoul, there is no doubt that in higher realms, where the soul is from, they are ONE soul. While a 'one soul' chose to come to earth plane to help with the ascension process, it may not necessarily have chosen to reincarnate with the other soul. It all depends on that soul's plan. The most important thing on the twinsoul's path, is to overcome and release blocks created from past life experiences, and strive to live purposefully and authentically, and to focus on loving oneself unconditionally no matter what. If the twin is in another relationship, it is best to allow the twin to live it out. It is important to realize that as a soul, both decided together to embark on that particular path for fulfillment of karmic contracts or for reasons pertaining to soul growth. The coming together and working together, if it is part of the plan, will happen down the road in what we call, Divine time. How does one know what kind of soul they are? Chances are, if you are reading this information, you are an advanced soul assisting with the ascension process in some way, shape or form. If you’d like to know what kind of soul you are, I would suggest meditating on it to see what resonates the most. The decisive way to find out is the BLSR (Between Lives Soul Regression) process. I have clients who describe detailed interiors of spaceships, or a home not on earth, during BLSRs. If your life has been challenging and difficult, then know that you chose those challenges for greater soul growth and to help clear old paradigms. Think about what each of those challenging situations is informing you about your soul’s path, its journey. You are here for a reason. You are here because the Divine wanted you here. You exist because the Divine wanted to express its creativity and love through you. You can never go wrong or make a mistake for everything you do is leading you to a greater, more enlightened version of you. And as you move forward, this earth and the universe moves forward with you. Researched, channeled and written by Smita Garg, Ed. D, Past Life Regression Therapist (Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss in PLR and Dr. Linda Backman in BLSR processes) Artwork by Marc Chagall, Sleeping Woman with Flowers, Albertina, Vienna References: Dr Linda Backman, Judith Kusel, Susan Taylor Shier, my guides and Gurus.

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