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Kinder Way Healing

Providing guidance, knowledge, tools to help individuals move forward joyfully though life.


Dr. Smita Garg, Ed.D., CHT


Mentored and certified by world-renowned regression therapist and bestselling author Dr. Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression Therapy. 

Trained with well-known regression therapist and teacher, Dr. Linda Backman in the powerful Between Lives Soul Regression process.

HCH Institute certified Advanced Past Life Regression and Spirit Releasement Therapist.


A quantum healer and therapist, Dr.Smita is an expert in many areas of hypnotherapy and energy healing like Past Life Regression, Future Life Soul Progression, Inter-life and Between Lives Soul Regression, Reiki Healing and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  


She is a gifted intuitive and meditation expert, a spiritual mentor, Earth healer, an official Blesser, and a pure channel with the ability to connect to highest realms. Dr. Smita works multi-dimensionally with supreme Divine guidance and energies. 

Dr.Smita believes love and kindness are key to the healing process. Please feel welcome to browse our site and check out our multiple offerings and free resources.

Our Youtube channel has several meditations to help you feel centered no matter how tough things may be.

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Our Specializations

At Kinder Way Healing, we offer many kinds of healing therapies, our offerings include:

Soul Regression Therapy

Earth Healing & Clearing

Personal Light Language Channeled Drawings

Oracle Card Readings & Intuitive Channeling

Spiritual Mentoring

Group Workshops & Self Care Hacks 



"Smita had an incredible gift for guiding the soul to the depths it needs to go in order to reveal the insights we need to move forward in our journey. An incredible healer with incredible gifts."

- Jennifer Ho, The Roaming Healer, USA

"Everyone deserves to live a fulfilled life. At Kinder Way Healing, we care about our clients' wellbeing and provide them with guidance, knowledge, and tools necessary to help them move forward positively. We are here to help our clients achieve optimal wellness and mastery over their circumstances so they may live a joyful and meaningful life. Everyone deserves a joyful life!" - Dr. Smita

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