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11/11 Portal and the Call of the Goddess

Figuring out our soul's work through inner guidance

During my long illness earlier this year, the Goddess Vaishnavi (Maa or Mother Vaishnavi/ Vaishno Devi) asked me to come see her when I felt well enough to visit. As per folklore, one is granted the opportunity to see her only when she summons. I had waited a long time for this call. Planning for the trip to see the Goddess

I started planning my trip mid-year and finally headed to New Delhi, India, end of October. From New Delhi, I flew into Jammu, up north in the sacred Himalayas, then took a cab to the town of Katra from where the pilgrimage begins. From Katra, it is quite a hike up to the Goddess’s abode in a cave. One can walk, take a pony, a palanquin or a helicopter, depending on ability. It can take any number of hours to get there. This pilgrimage is not for the faint of heart.

When I shared my desire to visit the Goddess portal with extended family, many decided to come along, making us a group of 11. As the universe would work its magic, the trip was planned for the 11/11 portal as it was the only time that worked out for all who wanted to come with me. There were several parts to this trip with multiple flights and hotel bookings, registrations, and checks at several points for reasons of safety and security in that part of India. I have a much better sense now why the location of the Goddess’s portal is key. With the power of love, she brings humanity from all over the world, every religion and race, together.

Day of the travel On the day of the travel, many parts of the trip still needed to be worked out. I found out morning of my flight to Jammu that a historic decision based on a sensitive religious issue was going to be decided on by the Supreme Court of India around the time of my landing. Here I was flying into a region where there is always a fear of riots breaking out. My family and I decided to proceed nevertheless. I surrendered to Maa completely. I knew since she had asked me to come see her, she would take care of me and all my needs. Nothing could stop me from seeing her.

We reached Jammu, and then Katra, without any problem. Next morning, as we left for the portal, all the issues that still needed to be worked out, worked out without a hitch. While I was planning to hike up at least half the way, somehow I was able to get on a helicopter and reach the portal in no time! Once there, hundreds and thousands of devotees were swarming the place. There was a long line to see Maa, moving at snail’s pace. After what seemed like a long wait, I suddenly came face to face with Maa, who is present in her earthly form as 3 mounds of pure rock formation. No cameras or phones are permitted because photos of the Goddess are prohibited. I realized once face to face with her, you cannot hide anything from her. The Divine Mother’s love is pure and unconditional. In her presence you arrive completely vulnerable. And then you hand over all your aches and pains, wishes and desires to her. You give yourself to the highest divine feminine power.

Grace of the Goddess All through my trip, I experienced Maa’s love not just in that sacred cave, but also in the manner in which the entire trip unfolded. Everything worked out smoothly from the get go. I boarded the flight to New Delhi from San Francisco, from gate no.11. The universe brought together 11 souls from around the world to do this pilgrimage. When flying back on the evening of 11/11 from Jammu to New Delhi, my seat number was 11C. Maa Vaishnavi made sure that I was able to visit her surrounded in love with plenty of 11s.

The more I got to know Maa, the clearer it became why she had summoned me. Her directions to me were simple- it was time to anchor Divine Love on earth. Our work as souls on mission, as lightworkers, twinsouls, healers, indigos and rainbows has assumed greater importance at this time. Being a deeply intuitive and aware soul does not mean one gets to bask in the egoic glow of one’s multifold gifts, instead it is all about taking greater responsibility for the human collective and using those gifts to help bring the shifts humanity needs for ascension. And if we aren’t prepared to face the darkness within and around us, and bring in more light, then we might as well say goodbye to life on Mother Earth. Frankly speaking, Mother Earth knows how to take care of herself if we humans get out of the way (A profound observation by my dear soul brother Samo).

Messages from the Goddess At this time humanity stands at a pivotal point of its existence. We’ve destroyed the environment, our home that has supported life on this planet, and we are still consumed by material success at whatever cost. We have to ask ourselves, what are we doing to anchor more love and light in our world? How much longer are we going to live in fear like frogs in a well? At the heart of every fear is a lack of love. How do we work on replacing that fear with love? How do we expand our vision and work on spreading love? How do we break old, stagnant templates of relationships and lifestyles based on fear, complacency, and codependency?

These are some of the questions we need to answer moving forward. The Goddess showed me very clearly where the work lies. I am so grateful to her for calling on me and holding me in her pure, divine love. I know I am loved by her and the universe, as is everyone reading this piece.

May your 11/11 portal be as magical and amazing as mine! May you be blessed with the Divine Love that is available to every being on earth and the universe!

© Dr. Smita Garg, 2019


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