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Moving towards a new, higher dimensional reality

Dear friends, I have had channeled information coming to me since November 2019 when I visited the Goddess portal in India. The knocks to get it out to the collective got louder and louder. Then on 02/02/2020, more information was channeled through me and I knew it was time to make it available to everyone. As always, take what resonates.

This message is for all awakened beings including twinsouls in union or separation

Dear ones,

As we move forward into the next dimensional reality, the 3rd dimensional reality is falling off. You will notice that you do not resonate with many 3rd dimensional ideas, behaviors, attitudes anymore. Your friends and acquaintances that choose to stay in the lower vibration are also falling off, and a new circle of soul family is surrounding you. While this has been happening for a while, you were able to go back and forth between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional realities. That is not possible anymore. You will find yourself energetically leaving the 3rd dimensional reality for good. There is no turning back, no going back now. There is only moving forward. Many are feeling this and the way to know that you are experiencing this, is by looking at whether or not you feel inclined to continue doing the work you have been doing, the manner in which you were earning a living, the way you were living out your relationships, your life, food intake and habits...there is a fading interest in the way things were. And for many there is a lull at the moment, a feeling of not knowing where we are being taken or how things will work out. It is because even the way we used to work in 3rd dimensional reality is being upgraded. Our entire life, food habits, everything is being upgraded and soon we will begin to understand what those will look like. Some upgrades we already know via changes happening in our body, our work and friend circle. Many upgrades, we will discover as we get ready to embrace them. All awakened souls are being upgraded to the higher dimensional reality. We are entering a new earth.

Special message for twinsouls in separation:

Please know that being a twinsoul, while intrinsic to our soul's blueprint, is also a 3rd dimensional state in many ways, for in higher dimensions we are onesoul. Twinsouls were sent to earth to lay the foundation for the new earth based on unconditional divine love paradigm. They have done a tremendous amount of work in raising the vibration of earth at key points on the grid. As twinsouls get upgraded to higher dimensions, we are being asked to start recognizing and embodying the ONESOUL we are in the higher realms. If you have been experiencing the upgrades, then you are probably also feeling a deep and decisive merge with your twinsoul. You will know this by going within, when the feminine are able to feel their masculine within, and the masculine are able to feel their feminine within. This is different from conversing with your twinsoul's higher self which many have been doing all this time. The higher self was also seen as separate. Now in the higher dimensional reality, higher selves are merged and talk as one. Please know, this merge does not rule out a physical coming together with your twinsoul. We stand firm in the knowing that if coming together was part of your soul's plan, then it will happen in due time. However, we advise that instead of 'waiting' to come together in the physical, you focus on coming together within and recognizing yourself as the onesoul you really are.

Also, don't worry if you are not feeling/experiencing any of the above. If you are an awakening soul, you will soon begin to experience all of this. Stay on the course, be fearless, there is nothing to worry. The divine is in charge. Surrender to the journey. Believe in unconditional divine love and ALWAYS act from a place of love.

Love and light to all!

-Channeled by JOY

© Dr. Smita Garg, 2020


Image: Heart Nebula (Universe's heart) taken by NASA

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