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Moving Towards New Earth, New Relationships, New Us!

The sudden appearance of highly advanced souls on earth as well as Twin souls/Twin flames points to the fact that change is indeed happening.

As humanity goes indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, allowing nature to emerge from shadows, renew, and revitalize itself, one thing is clear. There are layers of meaning to what we are experiencing at this time, and things will never be the same again. A portion of humanity would not believe that this is Mother Earth’s way of getting a breather from human-created prison for her and numerous other species she supports. And frankly, that is their choice. Many in the lightworker community have been receiving messages of a New Earth for last few years. Those who have undergone Life Between Lives (LBL) or Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique (QHHT), were shown glimpses of life on the New Earth. The late founder of QHHT, Dolores Cannon had talked in detail about volunteer souls coming to earth since last century and leading the effort to bring much needed changes.

The sudden appearance of highly advanced souls on earth as well as Twin souls/Twin flames points to the fact that change is indeed happening. And it goes deep. Nothing will remain untouched from this point onward. There was a time when humans lived harmoniously on Earth and worked with what was naturally available and sustainable. Those times are long gone but will be the highlight of New Earth. For that is the only way for humanity to survive.

A few days ago, I underwent a QHHT session. I experienced a future lifetime on the New Earth. I have no words to describe the deep connection I felt with this New Earth and all who lived in my community. I am very fond of the Pacific Ocean and a tropical lifestyle, and sure enough on this New Earth, I found myself on a beach, next to a beautiful lagoon. My home was a little hike up, nestled among lush greenery. I was in a human body- just a different body from the one I inhabit currently. As I did the short hike up my home, I felt incredible peace all around me and within me. The QHHT practitioner nudged me to look more deeply into that lifestyle. My home was an interesting half-dome, half-square structure built entirely with easily found, natural material. It was very much like a regular home from inside, except that every part of the house, whether it was my kitchen counters and utensils, or my room, was made with great care with sustainable material that was in harmony with my natural environment. I was told that there was no plastic or materials such as plastic- that are almost impossible to recycle and essentially toxic in nature, on this New Earth. I was shown how this civilization was very advanced in a different way. They had deeply researched how to work harmoniously with nature to create sustainable systems and materials. We had all the amenities of a modern life, but nothing was toxic for the environment.

I saw my beautiful kitchen garden which had a section where I grew herbs and plants for medicinal purposes. I was told I was a Medicine Woman and I used plant medicine extensively for my healing work. Everyone in my community had a plot of land and a home like mine. Finally, the practitioner directed me to go to my death scene. This is where I saw how beautifully the community allowed for the soul to leave the body. I lay there, an old lady on my super soft and comfy raised death bed, built outdoors entirely with natural materials like soft clay, herbs, flowers and green grass. Members of my community lovingly and gently massaged all my limbs with medicinal oils. I experienced the most beautiful and peaceful transition through this. All along this lifetime was the sense of deep peace and one-ness with the land, nature, its people, all of Mother Earth.

I am also told that New Earth will be devoid of any difficult and complicated human relationships. Authenticity will be the highlight of this earth. As we move forward in our present lifetimes, I am already witnessing a change in the way humans are leaving relationships that are frivolous. More and more are choosing to leave toxic partnership and relationship models based on material wealth and conditional love. As many leave old marital or familial relationships for deeper, soul-level connections, I am witnessing what is called conscious uncoupling- where parting with another is not contentious but based on mutual desire to allow each other space to grow and thrive. And yet continue to hold children in a loving space so they do not have to undergo the awful effects of a combative separation.

I have always been an optimist and have long harbored lofty dreams about peace and harmony in our world, but having seen this beautiful lifetime on New Earth at such close quarters, I am very hopeful for all of humanity. May we arrive at deep, divine love, peace, and one-ness with all of nature and each other. May we keep working with Mother Earth rather than against her. Soul-level, that is what we all really need and want. Deep within, that is the only way to achieve peace and harmony in our world. I am grateful to W'gene Harden, Level 2 QHHT Practitioner for her session with me.

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© Dr. Smita Garg, May 12, 2020


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