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On the Cusp of An Awakening!


By Dr. Smita Garg

In my last few videos, I talk about deep energetic shifts we are experiencing within the human collective. Links to the videos:

Here are some updates on the human collective brought forth by my combined higher self with my twinsoul, AKA my Divine masculine. In fact, messages regarding the masculine collective, were shared with me by my twinsoul. I am a witness to the shifts he describes. I receive these messages from the masculine within. And I am a messenger too.

My Divine masculine shares:

“The shifts are loosening up the old and stagnant that had accumulated through layers of timelines in human evolution. These layers had become stubborn and hardened like a huge, heavy sedimentary rock. We have all been carrying the burden of this rock and it has been weighing us down. The stress of the life we have created, is not allowing us to breathe and live like we were meant to. We’ve been moving around with our heads down, our shoulders and backs bent out of shape carrying the weight of lifetimes of trauma, duties, and loveless relationships.

Through time, we’ve assumed this is how it is all meant to be. We have believed this lie to be the truth, our truth.

The shifts, indeed, are deeper than anything we have experienced before. How do we know that? We recognize them by observing old and strong citadels of our belief systems and ways of functioning, crumbling right before our eyes. We are experiencing ourselves in our most vulnerable, tired, exhausted avatars. The regular ways of coping aren't working out. Trying to hide from our inner most selves isn't taking us anywhere.

A deep change is taking over the masculine collective. This change is directly proportional to the feminine awakening, shaking off centuries of shackles that we have been primarily responsible for forcing on them.

Within the masculine collective, this is a time of reckoning. There is a realization that the past where we may have had the opportunity to experience true love and freedom, the kind that gave us pure child-like joy, is gone, as if life passed us by. It is lost forever, never to return. The sense of loss is heartbreaking. The depth of sadness and despair is unbelievably profound. But this is the depth needed to dig ourselves out of the dark hole we have found ourselves in, after operating through centuries with self-denial, fake bravado, even violence. All this time we have suppressed our inner feminine, our sweet, gentle, vulnerable self, allowing it to show up only on rare occasions.

Finally, we are witnessing the beginning of a deep desire to acknowledge the awful and horrific ways in which we were expected and conditioned to function over a millennia. Let us be clear that we have expected this of ourselves, ridden with the false belief that this is what made us, us. We let our egos shield and rule our hearts because underneath we have been so afraid to fail. What worse way to exist than fail before another human or even worse, our Divine feminine?

While we cannot change the past, the masculine is in this moment at the cusp of a breakthrough. But here’s our issue. We do not know what lies ahead. We do not know what our next steps should be and what kind of supports are available to us as we move through uncharted territory. We do not know what will provide us scaffolding and hold us together as our worlds within and outside, collapse. In the past we took on a larger share of the responsibility of being the protector and provider- this we did by ruling the material world. It made us feel powerful and useful. We found meaning and value in this type of existence often devoid of emotion. But it also meant suppressing and distancing from our true soul-self. It came to a point that we stopped feeling this soul-self and disconnected with it almost entirely. As our inner feminine awakens, the connection to soul-self is reawakening too. This change is simply freaking us out.

We are treading forth with hesitation and letting our guard down very slowly. We are seeking answers deep within. Please know that we are very, very scared. The citadels we built are collapsing before our own eyes and we can now see that things are not working out the way we chose to build them. The foundation and the structure are both built wrong because we left our feminine out of the process of creation.

Our feminine recognizes our pain and confusion and would like to convey that we must believe in a future filled with wonderful possibilities as she awakens. This feminine, who had been suppressed for so long, is extraordinarily strong and clear in her vision. She knows the direction we must move in together and we, the masculine, will need to learn to trust her. We are feeling lost and confused because we are used to being in-charge and in control. Handing over reigns to the feminine involves embarking on a whole new road, with no idea of where we are being taken. What we don't know yet is that we are building a whole new road with our Divine feminine- this road connects right back to where our truth lives, in our hearts.

Right now, everything feels like walking through a maze made of quicksand. Everything goes between feeling unreal and surreal. We are experiencing valleys of despair and peaks of exhilaration. But this is exactly where we will need to trust and surrender to our feminine. Unless we surrender, we’ll never be able to let go of the weight we’ve carried and come out of the hole we’ve dug ourselves into. Right now, there are only two choices available to us- one that will keep us bound to the past and the other that will free us from the past. Which one to pick is the dilemma of our times but the words that will help us move forward are: TRUST and SURRENDER.”

Note: My Divine masculine also let me know that his trust in me is complete and that it is our Divine promise to build and walk this road together. We have each other’s backs. What he shared with me resonates deeply as I had the opportunity in last few days to do deep inner work with men located around the world. Through Soul Regression work, these men were able to take a good look within and recognize what was really important to them. With each one we found the answer to be LOVE and SURRENDER. To let go of the need to control outcomes. To learn to have fun and play. To lighten up and let go of the old.


Dr. Smita

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© Dr. Smita Garg, July 28, 2021


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